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I have DYSLEXIA SPEING ISIT GOOD!!It sterd after my 5 hernias surger. I was 6 YR old. I had pee and poopind Accidents in my pants. My mom put me in diapers becames we went to the mall.My mom friend had her daughter that was 3 1/2 Yr in diapers. I had a accidents I pee and poop my pants in the mall. My mom got a diapers and tucke me to women room and put me in the diapers. Mom take my to the DR. She told my mom that I had a bladder injury fome the hernias surger. The DR. told mom i would be in diapers for ever. MY mom friend her daughter get old.She would be play at my home and pee or poop her pants to get put in diapers by my mom. She told me she like to be in diapers to.I remder I spent the night at my mom friend home.My and her daughter wher play.I was 11yr and she 9yr old. She said let get put in diapers. I said my mom put me pants. I said she is going to poop her pants. I pee and poop my pants to we get to waer diaper for the week. I hope to make friend. I get to like diapers!


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