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Been wearing fem stuff for many years. Wear panties 24/7, but also love all lingerie. I have a new found fascination with diapers, and just bought my first pack. They are L/XL Goodnites for girls of course. I'm wearing the now and love them, actually have a woody going because of them. Update: I now have 4 packs of different adult diapers and absolutley love the great feeling dry or better yet when wet. NEW UPDATE: Am now a HUGE fan of big, fat, puffy diapers so am filling and adding things to make them really fat. ?Something strangely erotic about having them all puffy and having to waddle to walk.. I'm strictly a D/L and not into the AB side of things, so love to chat and meet new D/L friends. If you don't even have a profile pic and or your profile is empty,,,DON'T BOTHER. Love to role play so hit me up if interested. Can play either side or persona. Daddy, mommy or sissy baby. 

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diapersissy commented on a photo

OMG love it, just awesome.

My little guy told his babysitter the diaper was to heavy that he'll just lay here and take a nap
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diapersissy is now friends with BabySallytwo
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diapersissy commented on a photo

That is soooo CUTE

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diapersissy commented on a photo

That is one great look.


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diapersissy commented on a blog post

My wife/mommie has been controlling my clitty for years with a variety of cages. It all started out so innocently at the suggestion from a GF of hers. A normal 'session' to be locked up is about 2 weeks altho it has been over a month. It's quite a long story and maybe I will take the time to let it all unfold at some point.

How many of you babies have been placed in a chastity device for being naughty? How many of you would want to be?
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diapersissy commented on a photo

That's such a cute look.

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diapersissy commented on a photo

Oh yea bb, that's the way a diaper ought to look,  NICE and THICK. LOVE it.

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