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Hello everyone my name is Thomas Stockton. I would like to say i am just a normal guy looking for good friends and or a serious relationship. but i am not normal. but then again normal is over rated. I have not been on this website much but really would love to meet people with the same interest as i. if you are interested in what i do or what not just message me. as for the reason being on this site, i just want to find someone who likes me for all my quarks and just looking for someone who understands. other than that i have tones of hobbies, such as MMA, Fencing, Sword Fighting, Judo, Kick boxing, rock climbing (haven't done this one in a while) hiking, etc. and love the outdoors, i do have to say other than being a diaper lover and occasional ab i love being active. and i do have a life when i am not being absorbed by have to wear diapers. Yes its a need for me, i have a neurological disorder causing me to be doubly incontinence so yea that is why i wear but i have grown to really love the diapers and love bulky disposables any day mostly they hold up better.. so yes i am out and about and looking for fun. and hopefully meaningful relationships. if you want to get a hold of me you can email me at diapertommyboy@gmail.com, doesn't matter if you want to chat me up just email me also if you guys want me to send pictures or update my profile with pictures of me in my diapers just let me know and i will post them.


Also I have been trying to serch throuh all the members to add all the people in tucson to hope to get them all to gether to gater somewere for a social event we we could all socilize and talk about each other i am curious to meet others with simialar interests. and maybe even become friends. so add me and we should hang somewere sometime Or if you perfer to meet in person just to hang or to even chat i would not mind at all. my email is diapertommyboy@gmail.com

Questions and answers

How often do you wear diaper?


Are you Adult Baby or Diaper Lover ? Do you like to behave like a baby ?

Yes i am both a dl and an adult baby. i do like to behave like one but only at times.

Do you know why you like to wear diaper ?

Yes, a couple of years ago i had a sudden loss of control of all functions to keep things short i went to the doctor and they said i had a nerological disorder so what i had was perm.

When did you start wearing diaper ? How did you start ?

oh i loved wearing them all my life just never really needed to untill 2 years ago.

Does wearing diaper turns you on ? How do you feel in diapers?

Sometimes it does. When i wear diapers it gives me a blissful feeling. a feeling of comfort and serinity.

Does your family and friends know about it ? How did they react ???My roomate and my sister knows about it pretty much them.

Does your partner know about it? How does it affect your relationship ????Single

Does your partner wear diaper ? Would you leave your partner for a diapered girl/boyfriend ?

IM single

If you have children, how do you deal with the topic ? Do they know about it ?

Not for a while

Have you ever met other AB/DL?

i have?meet a?handful of people?and one is a really good friend.

Is wearing diaper a problem for you ? Did you try to stop ? Do you want to in the future ?

Hell no i love diapers but if i could fix my nerological so i had some control i would.


If anyone would like to message me or call me

just add me on facebook or give me your number and service provider and ill message you/ call you.

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