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Hi, a few of us are having a pub meet in Durham City centre on Sat 29 April from about 11am to 2pm.  Dress code: discreetly pampered! contact me for details tibsy  
38m ago
Im in phx if u want to hangout :)
3h ago
May, 6th - 13th - Traveling to Denver Colorado area and Colorado Springs, Peculiar Missouri, New Vienna, Ohio: I am a bi DL who will be traveling to Ohio and Peculiar Missouri with stops in Denver Colorado area and Colorado Springs.
9h ago
Have you talked with your sissy baby about your desire to share? that the most important step in all of this: communication.
16h ago
Not at all. You're mommy and you know best. I'd be proud to make mommy I. Whatever way she chooses....
22h ago


Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could offer me their expert opinion on a Dilema that I have been going back and forth with for a couple of weeks. Ok, so do you think that I would be considered a bad Mommy if I have the desire to share my diaper sissy with a male friend? I dont want to be a uncaring or unloving mommy but I just feel like this would be so much fun and I know that they both would love it in the end.... Let me Know What You Guys
2d ago


Looking for ladies into diapers and just want to have some fun together. 
2d ago


I'm looking to find more people like me. If you live in Oregon and love diapers, send me a message!
3d ago
I've stayed out of onesies and other clothing as I have a very small home office and can't stock all the different sizes easily. Matching blankies is a great idea tho!
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I am so excited I absolutely love the Hello Kitty ones!! My babies are usually always sweet boys though so I would say that in Mommy Candies Nursery, you would most likely find the blue ones with the rocket ships because I am always blasting us off to the moon ;) On the other hand, the boys would probably choose the robots or even the cute little owls. Do they make receiving blankets and onsies to match?  Love the new collection Guys!!!! Mommy Candy
3d ago