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Or just any woman that is not repelled by diapers.... In the QLD area   Cheers
1d ago


Looking for a Scottish Daddy who is older than me preferable. I'm in kik or fetlife or on here most days ok. So just chat away 
1d ago
looking for someone to have some naughty fun with in the uk.  In the Lancashire are  I’m up for anything 
2d ago


From Brandon, MB here
3d ago
Hi! I'm a big in the Atlanta area, if you'd like to talk to anything then feel free to send a message here or check my profile for other methods.
3d ago
  Western Canadian reporting in for duty! (Alberta specifically, although I'm in BC a couple times a year too)  How do you interact with others when they can't view your profile?
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I am looking to be forced to be a 2 yo baby boy to a local dominant mommy. Any Atlanta area mommies reach out to me and let's make a connection.
4d ago
Wikepedia definition:
4d ago
Staten island here
5d ago
Anyway, sorry ABDL boy. I guess my stats might be off, but the points are still there. Pretty much all scammers here. I hear pay-for-plays pretty good though, just try not to form an emotional attachment cause I am assuming the "mommies" are actually repelled by it all, and just see its as a good way to make some hundreds
6d ago