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I dream and think about wearing plastic backed diapers 24 7 especially wearing plastic backed diapers to work everyday 
3d ago
And…? Is that illegal? Lol sounds fishy …why because we enjoy what we do and actually participate in the abdl lifestyle.No where are we hassling anyone or lying to anyone or even advertising. We just enjoy the abdl fetish and pretty much all other fetishes. So instead of worrying about us, maybe you all should enjoy yourselves as well.
3d ago
Sounds fishy since they both have "Madison" in their name, like they're co-workers or something.
8d ago
Oh wow! What did mommy miss? Mommy isn’t scamming anyone here, I come here to post and check out other abdl’s  And at no time have I tried to deceive anyone
10d ago
Words are words. Get over it. Stop being snowflakes. Jesus, the Far-Left and Woke Mob always ties themselves into knots over the smallest of things. Reading your meltdowns brings joy to my heart.
13d ago
Oh, admin def has seen it. been pinged by the report button many times, im sure. he has even removed some of his "free speech" from the shoutbox. mikey is just complicit because either hes tired of dealing with jodie and lets him do what he wants cause banning takes too much work, or he agrees with him and just cant admit it. what is funny (not haha, but more hmmm) is daily diapers has mods. many mods. yet there isnt one mod for this shithole. i think he spends more time on fetlife promoting his sites th
14d ago
Yeah the racist & homophobic comments that are made on here are unacceptable and been shocked that nothing has been done about it. Has this site even got any mods? It really do seem like their are none, and can't be leave the Admin has not seen any of it. The way i feel is if they do nothing about it then they are agreeing with it, and if thats the case maybe its time this site was pulled and shut down as their is no place for this behavior in this day and age.  
14d ago
Oh I agree completely Mommy Candy! Being an abdl and fetish lover is definitely lots of fun… seems like some people just can’t enjoy themselves without making others miserable. For some it’s a lifestyle, for others it’s a fun way to release stress from life. so don’t let the naysayers get you down, continue doing what you love *muah*
17d ago
my big toy ZZR600 working on a VW trike bit of  (WINTER PROJECT).
19d ago
Over the years, you go on stating you're an ABDL Mommy...prove it! I doubt that picture on your profile is really you. PhoneAMommy has been a scam for a decade now. You're a fraud! God help the American ABs who do phone you, they'll be charged a bomb!  
24d ago