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Yes! Myself!
9h ago
I want to meet real / a real DL or ABDL girl or girls from the South East of UK just to make friends with and chat and share some experiences with. i have been trying on the web for a little while and have no where else to turn, so yea here i am. But on a side note straight girls only please and ideally between 20-30. :) i have kik but dm me for it. Cheers 
13h ago
  Thirty three years ago out of no where the thought of trying a disposable diaper crossed my mind.   The thought continued for months, until one day I stopped at a convenience store and bought a package of Pampers for children in size large, which was the largest they offered.  Even though they were not large enough I was able to wear them in my briefs.   I wore one for a few hours and then felt ashamed that being a 35 year old man I had this desire.   I kept the package hid , and as the months passed I
1d ago
I am a Mommy. I am up north.  For now we could chat here. Do you wear diapers? MommyKK
2d ago
Any young uk guys looking for a daddy
3d ago
Im from GA atm but moving in a bit to wherever life / people take me , im looking to get to know mommys / LGs in or outside.of GA , feel free to message me!
5d ago
There’s an advanced search option. It’s not great but it works. 
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search is ridiculously broken cant find anybody that lives close to me, i should be able to search by city but it dosnt work. for example i should be able to type in the city name seattle and see all the abdls that live in seattle but there is no option to search by city.
5d ago
Im looking for 18 to 35 women who are AB or DL or just littles looking for a connection and relationship. Im an experienced Daddy Dom that loves his diaper girls. Im in the Kansas City area. Im not looking for long distance. 
5d ago