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Lay back, relax and let ur eyes slowly close... As u feel ur body start to drift into dreamland, u feel a warm sensation and smile as u snuggle into ur warm cozy bed... Sweet wet dreams fill ur head as u unknowingly fill ur bed... A diapered little one need not worry about a drenched bed... So better safe than sorry and keep that little bottom diapered!
10h ago


Not a surprise at all. A lot of abdl babies dream about the very same thing. There are so many more things in common than differences. All of it makes life so sweet as an anal baby. 
2d ago
I'm located in swindon but yknow the whole county is kind of, uh, quiet. So, While I'd love to meet people who are nearby I thought I'd just make a post covering the whole area so anyone who sees it in the area might find someone close too. In any case, I'm 18 and there's more info about me on my profile. If anyone nearby would like to talk I'd be love to find some friends who understand my interest (though, I'm sorry and I have nothing against you, but if you message me and I see you're over 30 I just d
3d ago
yes i would love a mommy also as i would mind all the time while in my diapers
6d ago
Oh my! Sounds like a fun time at dommy mommy Scarlets hehe... Mommy Candy will pull up a chair and enjoy the show ????
7d ago


I agree with you Tawny and Candy, there are a lot of babies hiding out here. Some are full of mouth with lots of bark and zero bite. That is where I will come in with my paddles, whips and chains when they are naughty and try to say silent about it.
8d ago


I agree with you Candy, I believe that the naughty babies are hiding out because they are probably afraid of what mommy will do when she finds out what naughty things they have been up to.
8d ago
Age: 26Role: Daddy DomLocation: UK,Surrey SW LondonSexual Orientation: straightLooking for: little baby girlRelations
8d ago
Looking for playmate or LTR who is a switch/Dom in the Tulsa, Stillwater, OKC, and other nearby areas. Heavily into spankings, and can even supply you with diapers if need be.
9d ago
On occasion (and it's rare) I have had dreams like this. Never wet or messed except on maybe 2 or 3 occasions I just happened to be wearing a diaper and it was already somewhat wet and squishy and I ended up letting my bladder go. I woke up after I had wet and I think only once or maybe twice did it leak. Never messed though. That would be kinda cool to go to bed dry and wake up wet and messy. 
10d ago