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Hi.  I will be traveling to New York City either late September or early October.    Would love to meet other ABDL in the area to meet up with while I'm there.   
18h ago
I agree, having a state map would be great
21h ago
Who here thinks that this sites search functions need a serious update? I think it has been more then enough time for their to be a thing that allows us to search people by state or Providence. Considering that the highest numbers of members per country is the us with 22,322 (as of Jun 23,2017) isn't it odd that this site doesn't have a way for people to search by state or Providence. The world map thing isn't perfect and wouldn't it be more convenient for us to be able to search and find the people in o
1d ago
Daddy is trying on a nappy loves the sensation of letting go getting wetter ? Mmm am I a switch 
2d ago
Until recently, I was living in Tacoma. Right now, I'm over in Port Orchard, though I still visit Tacoma for karaoke on a regular basis.
2d ago
Anyone her on the Missouri side?
3d ago
hi I'm looking for abdl boys and girls as wells as mommys and daddy's in pa to hang out with and possibly more 
3d ago
4d ago


seriously anyone from Washington state. the search on this site is way broken
4d ago
wearing plastic pants on their own is a real turn on for me. Anyone near derbyshire have the same turn on?
6d ago