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  Just wanna say i like this new feature, hope it stays busy. ? I woke up without a diaper today, felt confident enough to only use a bed pad for any slight leaks. Flooded the bed instead, had to clean it up and go for a shower.   Sorry you had suck a mess to clean up honey but you should never go to bed without a diaper on! Babies always need to be procted from making a mess. #ABDLDiaperFetish #ABDLDiaper
47m ago
I wear two terry nappies folded kite fashion with a soaker most nights. that makes me waddle quite a lot. It also keeps my bed dry 
6h ago
Is there anybody who can make a custom onesie? 
8h ago
One time i bought two packs of adult pull ups from the store, i intended to use them sparingly as the money i spent on them was super spontaneous, they werent super thick like i liked either so i lost control and put both packs on at once, i think it was pretty close to 20 diapers total, my legs were constantly spread out and i couldnt ever hope to close them, so since i was alone for the time i decided i'd only take them off to remove the bottom layer after i wet myself. Then id put em right back on, an
8h ago


6 disposables at one point, it was awesome.
11h ago
I'm in Cincinnati and I'd be down for a meet up
11h ago
I'm a 22 year old little in Cincinnati. Maybe we could meet up
11h ago
12 cloth diapers everynite to bed for all my life
12h ago
What's the highest number of diapers that you've worn at one time? Two, four, twenty? Just what kind were they? And how many do you think would be the absolute maximum?
13h ago
hi! I'm Hilda, you can check out my profile to learn more about me and message me with any questions you may have about it, i just wanted to post this to say that I'm a babygirl from Texas whos looking for a kind and loving mommy, i hope to find that special one who will make me as happy as i wanna make her. I forever hold onto this dream of being mommys perfect princess. 
16h ago