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"Sissy" Life

I have been very involved in a "Sissy" life-style over the past 5 years. I have many outfits , which I wear almost all the time. I am always thickly diapered , 24/7, and enjoy this life-style a lot

If it were possible for you to live as a "Sissy" , 24/7/365........ would you consider this way of life?

I would. I like the idea of being a sissy baby, sissy boy. I would love to be Sissy bi submissive husband and wear a male chastity device. Dress me up like a pretty sissy.

I had always fantasized about that.  Even gave it a go once but only was able to last a couple weeks before I had to change out of my things into normal clothes for a family function.  Even breaking the cycle for that one day set it back and returned my mental state back to where it was before.  I did chat with for a long time and eventually meet with a sissy sub though.   He had been living with his daddy for two years in a HUGE house with a private nursery for him in the basement.  The nursery wasn't that big, just a tiny room off the side and she lived pretty much fulltime in the basement.  She had no family or job so he-she signed a contract with the daddy to be his sissy babygirl and be taken care of.  He said it was his ultimate dream to be this way and the 24-7 diapering and being kept was wonderful.  He did say it was a lot of work though having to cook, clean and service all his daddys needs daily.  But had grew to love the entire thing.  Breaking the cycle of coming home from work and getting into his sissy things and only being part time was what he wanted.  It took some time before she felt comfortable loosing control, but once she did she couldn't look back.  We had a great day together, but I realized that going 24-7 was a level of commitment that was almost impossible to achieve unless you had nothing else in your life.  Then sliding into it was doable.  However even slipping out of role for a few hours and back into yucky boy clothes reset the entire thing.  I learned that doing it anytime I can and everywhere I can is enough for me.  I needed a break from it, even if just for a few hours a week to make me keep craving it.

The sissy I visited eventually was "traded in" for a younger version and had to move out and learn to be a part of society and take care of himself after three yrs with his daddy.  I lost contact with him a few months after he had left there. 

When I am home, I am a sissy baby. I have worn diapers my entire life as I do not have any nerve connection letting me know I need to go and when it starts, I can not stop it.

When I was about 8 my 2 older sisters used to dress their diapered little brother up in their old clothes. I liked this a lot. Mom thought is was cute and let me do this as often as I wanted. Her mom, grammy, used to make me dresses and other outfits as well as buy me petticoats, socks and shoes.

Before getting married my mom told my now wife all about me. Wearing diapers was a no brainer as I had to have them. the sissy stuff she decided was ok if I did not do it around her. About 15 years ago she discovered info on the net about infantilism and sissy babies. Slowly she began to allow me more and more freedom. Now she does almost all of my diapering, makes me baby bottles of warn formula etc. She has moved all of my bottles bib, formula dishes baby food and formula to the kitchen and designated place for them.

Of course all of my family knows about this as well as many friends.

Karen Renee (pottypanties)

Ahhh that's so cute potty princess.....  smiles

I spend as much time dressed as a sissy baby as I can but unfortunately life gets in the way of doing it full time

Sissies get alot of shade on the web, and i confess that i have added to this in the past. Now im of the attitude that its just another way to play and theres nothing wrong with that.

You keep on being you <3

If you cant love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anyone else.


Without the doubt I would try it i thought about this the whole time what would my life be like a sissy baby or sissy boy.

Yes that is ideally my dream to be kept in that state 24/7 365 days a week.  To offer pure submission and being unable to escape.  I have decided to keep myself diapered 24/7 however due to work it is not possible to go all the way.

It is a goal!

I always wanted to try 24/7, but I just don't think I could make it work :(

I myself have often drempt of going 24/7 And have even thought of going full on feminization with it, seeing as how I am now and wanting to go through physical feminization as it is, drempt long and hard on it but finding the right circumstances to make it happen had put off the entire thing and is quite disheartening when life gets in the way... but if the right circumstances came about to be 24/7 - 365 full time sissy baby, I would take it...