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AB/DL mommies don't exist!

Stop fooling yourself or others. There isn't a woman in the world would even talk to a man with a thing for diapers unless there was a sizable pay check in it.

I'm tired of being a target for greedy scumbags.

Stop fooling yourself. After 16 years I just did.

And screw you creepy mahus too.


I know at least one lady who loves nappies and would be happy to look after a guy in one. 

There are probably many on here in fact. 

The question is what is there to one besides the nappy? is there romance and chemistry or are you just looking for a change and a quicky?

If it's the latter than I suppose your right, it's always going to be about the money.

Now don't you worry sweetie. This comment wasn't for your demographic, there will always be mommies out there looking for you.

Would you be willing to run the risk of being blackmailed by a so-called online "Mommie"? I think I'll just keep my fetish to myself, as I've always done.

You give a verry good point but, if there is a community of people out there just willing to offer a boob to suck on for fun ,  then I don't see why it has to be labled as so. surely if you find some friends with in this community then they could point you in the right direction

How do I delete a forum post. I should have never posted this crap.

I see that there are real AB/DL mommies that are online and devoted to their little babies.

Why is it people assume I am wanting paid for diaper sex or diaper phone sex or services or sex at all? I am not trying to pay for affection here. I refuse to and will never do that. Just looking for a friend to talk with. And let's face it people most guys in this scene are just too creepy, even for me, to try and talk with. Has been my experience anyways.

I just stop talking with other males here. And women are just too scared here I guess to talk. So that leaves scammers and hackers to converse with, which always turns out fun.

I only genuinely thought that, after finding out 16+ years ago I wasn't alone in this world, that there might be someone with matching desires of a mommy/baby relationship. Even If only just chatting online.

So I end up talking with myself.

I really just want for this post to just go away.

Well lets start off by saying your right money is all most sites are after when you are looking for a mommy.....Here is one in point ABDL Match this site pays woman to talk to guys to get them to pay for there memberships and they get a percentage but then you might find one in about 80% that are real I have been trying this site for awhile and found most say the same thing I have even used 2 different accounts on there with the same responces so save your money and stay away from that site.Now I am one of the lucky guys (and this is not to make others feel bad) but I have had a mommy/wife/best friend for years and they are out there but hard to find (and I believe there is someone for everyone) she knows I go one some of these site to see if there is any other mommys out there (I think she wants to find another mom to be apart of our click??? not sure) but I do know she asked me last year if I would like a 3 some but it has not happened yet and I think if she gets another mommy involved I will be extra punished My mommy/wife/best friend looks super hot in diapers but she loves to see me in them ...So don't give up I found mine by accident so just remember if you pay to play it will always be like that just be yourself

Yes they do exist. They just don't know it yet! I've never gotten into the age play aspect but I've had it offered to me by women that discovered I like to wear diapers and assumed I wanted to be babied. 

I go back to the days of DPF when it was produced on a mimeograph machine. In addition I've been a cross-dresser almost all of my life and between the two fetishes, I've had contact with hundreds of like minded people over the years. It's given me the opportunity to put a lot of them straight on finding a woman that accepts their fetish.

I have yet to talk to or correspond with a man in a successful relationship with a woman that met that woman through a contact service, whether it was a club sort of thing like Diaper Mates or Craig's List or any place else where you post an ad or answer one. And AB's are by far the worst at chasing off the woman that join. So many women drop out in fear when they get inundated with requests to be a mommy when their profile clearly shows that is not their interest.       

But there's always the exception. I know of one woman that had a 'little one' of her own and advertised for playmates for him and she didn't charge a thing. Again, that is the exception. Almost all "mommies" advertising their service are doing so as a business. I've seen rates from 50 for an evening to 500 for a weekend and that was quite a few years ago. I'm sure by now there are some much higher.

Here's the advice I give to anyone with a fetish that is looking for a relationship and not just a weekend fling: Start the relationship first. Show her who you are and why she should consider you a 'keeper.'

Then at some time when it becomes serious, broach the subject in a roundabout way. If you do it right even if the relationship doesn't work out, you'll have a friend that shares your secret and an amazing number of women seem to like that. In addition, if you nurture the friendship, you'll have an agent of sorts. Among themselves, women talk about sex as much as men do, if not more, and are actually more explicit. So they know who among their friends is likely to be acceptable to the things you want to do.

Here's what works for me at my age. When I meet a woman I'm attracted to and start dating, almost always at some point after a few dates they'll somehow bring up the subject of marriage. These are all mature women that are either widows or divorcees and they want to have some idea how serious you are about building a relationship that could potentially turn out to be permanent. Generally I make a very good impression on a woman and she'll make a comment like, "How come you haven't remarried?"

What she's fishing for is to see if you've ruled out ever marrying again or are really gay or whatever it happens to be that you seem like a great guy but are available. So my answer is, "Too old, too poor, and too kinky for all the women I've met." Then I'll try to change the subject and let them stew on it. The "too old" part is meaningless because we're usually near the same age. "Too poor" will cull out the ones that are looking for a man to pay their way on cruises and vacations. And the "too kinky" piques their curiosity beyond belief. Some will deman an immediate explanation but most want to think about it first. Eventually within a few days or so they'll find some way to ask for an explanation. When they do, I laugh it off. "Don't worry, I'm not into whips or chains or pain or anything like that. I've just got a history that goes back to the way my mom raised me that some women like and some don't." Then I change the subject again.

Each time you leave them with unanswered questions, their minds will come up with possibilities that are way more unacceptable than a man that likes to wear lingerie and wet diapers. So when you finally do give them the details, it's almost always a relief to them that you weren't the pervert that they'd imagined. Then I ask if they really want to know or just want something to tease me about and every time we wind up in an intimate discussion where I get to explain how my mom kept me dressed as a girl and in diapers for most of my childhood. By the time I'm done, they realize I'm harmless and that there was really no other way for me to turn out considering the circumstances that were beyond my control.

The woman I'm currently seeing bought me lingerie for Christmas a couple of weeks back and the first time she spent the night with me at my place she told me before we went to bed that if I was more comfortable wearing a nightie that I should and she'd like to borrow one. And this is a woman I met at church.

So again, build the relationship first. Be the person she wants to have a relationship with and in today's world, most women are well aware that almost all men have some sort of kink they'll have to accept. It's part of the package and the more the whole package has to offer, the easier it will be to get the acceptance you want.

Not completely true. Some only exist for the paycheck that comes with it. Those that do this for free are rare, and don't normally talk. 

I still hope that the right one is out there for me. We will cross paths at some point and it will be worth the wait and than some. Always be hopeful.

I honestly think girls are scared to talk about being in diapers or w.e, i mean girls really shouldnt be afraid, Diapers go together more with women/girls than they do with boys/ guys

Have heart my anonymous friend!

AB/DL Mommies do exist though as someone has already said they probably don't know it yet. And unfortunately as its been pointed out the vast majority ABDL mommies that are out in the open are professionals requiring payment for their services. Though they provide a much needed service in our community it can be depressing for ABs (especially male) to meet someone with a genuine connection not tied to money. 

But again they do exist! You just have realize that the chances of meeting one specifically through sites like this are slim. Real AB mommies ( IMHO) are created not born. Simply meaning that unlike yourself who have possibly been an AB most of your life (possibly born that way) AB Mommies are usually turned on to the idea of AB motherhood thru a connection to a AB . These are regular women who have found love and a real connection through their relationships with an AB. It may not seem like it sometimes but just in general plenty of women crave that kind of connection and intimacy with their partner you just have to meet and show it to them.

It seems like the idea of  a woman who was "born" a AB Mommy or has a natural desire for diaper,baby things,mothering...ect  is rare.  Most women simply have actual children/babies to satisfy their maternal needs so there is little reason for them to involve themselves in an ABDL relationship. Again, I'm sure they exist but you'll always have better luck dealing with real woman and putting them on to your ABDL leanings. And would really want to meet a woman that's only interest in you for your shared fetish??Id imagine she'd be just as creepy as some of the guys in our community!

So long story long get out there and start connecting with regular women. Go on dates, bond, build a relationship and when the trust is there gradually bring out your AB side. If the love and bond is there you'll have yourself not just AB Mommy but a partner and friend for life!

good luck to you ^_^