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ABDL furniture

Hello. So, I used to sleep in an actual baby crib. While it was nice, it was often cramped. I dislike a lot of the ABDL cribs due to them being scaled to adult size, but this makes the bars and everything seem implausibly high.

Does anyone know a good wood-worker who could possibly make a crib in the shape and height of an ABDL crib, except extended a bit more to house either a single bed mattress, or two stacked baby mattresses. This way it still keeps the same heigh and baby-type appeal so mommies can bend over the crib lining, but at the same time make it not so cramped and that will let me actually stretch out.

I am in the process of renovating one of my master bedrooms into a nursery, so I would like to make sure the furniture is adult sized but maintains real and appropriate scaling