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ABDLs from Wisconsin

Looking to meet ABDLs from Wisconsin.

hi how are you like to chat with you about diapers text too 2623435610

Good evening sweets!  I'm in the Milwaukee area, would love to maybe hang out in diapers and have play time.  I'm a 34 male about 195lbs 5'6 kinda stocky, but just wondering if you two ever got to meet up and play.  I am a very feminine baby though, I like to wear a lot of pink... diapers, PJs, onsie etc.  I do also have some big girl undies that I like and wear when I can not wear my pull ups because I have to work.  I am not gay but will admit I have had fantasies about male interactions. Let me know if either of you is interested and we can take it from there. :)  Hope to hear back from you.