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Any Lolita fashion lovers here?

I can't be the only one who loves Lolita fashion here. Its such a cute fashion and can have so many styles.

I love Lolita fashion!

It's soooo cute :) and hot at the same time


Especially being a daddys little princess. Him want to to dress like it.

ella loves being a pwitty pwincess !!


ella wont more pwrincess dresses, but cost soooooooooooooo much pennies 

xxxx baby ella 2 xxxx

I adore the lolita fashion, although I'm mainly digging the Gothic style, I'm going to buy a few new dresses in the future so look out for the pics.

I have a good size collection right now. Its mostly sweet and classic. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

The Lolita look is georgous, huge fan of it, but I can't afford a big selection of it right now

Just so you guys know there is someone that does custom made stuff and is not expensive. She's on fb just look up oojia. She does replicas of brand Lolita dresses and other stuff. Hope that helps some of you.

I love them!