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Any one from london

Hi any one from london needing a sweet little baby mummys daddys siblings and baby sitters welcome x

Hey, I'm from south Wales but if you want to set anything up just give me a tinkle ????

I'm north west London - which part are you from?

I'm north west London - which part are you from?

i live near stratford and would love to find some of you guys and just hang out online or even get together for a play date,nothing sexual,just fun and good times,some decent conversation,good food and see where it goes from there,please anyone interested,..check out my profile where there are pics of me (this is the 1st site ive ever been brave enough to put up picks of myself  too) and alot of honest info aut myself,i hide nothing asd i think in this lifestyle honesty and trust are everything,as where i protect the privacy of my kinkster friends with all my powers,i  take it very seriously,but to anyone who takes the time to look me up i want to thank you,im new to this site as i cant talk to my real life Mommy for a long time due to Her occupation,,but,..i hope to talk to you soon ,..

Hi! Nathan. yes, good buddy, I am going to get up to see you and sit and chat just in our wet diapers, first I have to get over the flu, do not want to bring that to you. Also, hope for good weather too weather can be bad between my place in Strahroy and your place in Stradford, but we will chat and stay in touch with each other, you can count on that good buddy. Smiles and Hugs the Wetone(garry)

Hey Guys, I live in London and just recently got back into diapers gain. I stopped for just over a year due to a new job a so on. It would be amazing to meet some of you. I have never actually met anyone that is also into diapers like me.


I am in Watford, near Watford Junction Railway Station.