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Babydoll for Mommy

Hello mommies,

I’m looking for someone to play with me! I’m a 26 y/o m who loves playing as a little (3-4) or sissybaby. Whatever mommy enjoys, dress me up, hug me tight, I’m your dolly. If anyone is interested to chat, drop me a line and I’ll connect as soon as I can. Hope to talk with / see you soon mommy!

Hi baby! That sounds like lots of fun, I love playing dress up with sissy baby girls and picking out each detail of your frilly little outfits. Even more so if you're a helpless little doll for mommy to do whatever she likes with ;)

ooh my mommys rules i obey to be fully her sissy lil pink frilly nappy dolly daily ooh my dream life x

Aww, how cute to have a real life baby doll to play with Jackie. They are alwasy the best babies, you can do what ever makes mommy happy even if baby gets humiliated. tongue-out