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Bananas or Marshmellows?

I've heard of both using bananas or marshmallows to simulate messing, and I plan on trying it tomorrow. I was going to try bananas first, and see how that goes. My backup plan is the marshmallows! Should I freeze the marshmallows as well as the bananas before insertion? I was planning on freezing the bananas for an hour before inserting them and diapering up.


Before I do this I'm going to make sure I'm nice and clean with an enema of some kind, then I'm going to start with the bananas. Should I know anything? Can I use silicone lube, or is coconut oil a better idea for lube? Does anyone have and advice for any of this?


As for the enema, I want to be as clean as possible so the experimenting doesn't smell. Would a water enema suffice, or should I do like a soap enema?

Never heard of bananas. Marshmallows might be a concern if you are diabetic or prediabetic as they are nothing but sugar. Just because a marshmallow is not ingested doesn't mean the sugar cannot get into your system in other ways. I am not a doctor so I can't say for sure and please don't think that I am saying you are diabetic as I do not know your medical history and I don't need to know. I'm just saying consider that there could be unknown effects of that. Be safe.

Bananas are a better place to start, you will have more control than with the marshmallows and an easier to clean mess ;) Have fun!!

I've only heard of eating bananas, so can't tell you anything about that! For the marshmallows freeze them first, and have a bowl of warm water ready when you're getting ready to use them to dip the marshmallows in right before you insert them. Babyboy1868 has some valid points, so be aware of that, and there may be some cramping. Use warm water for the enema, but don't use regular soap. There's a medical soap you can order for that!

Marshmallows! Put them in a bowl of hot water, this helps them to go in easily. Besides, who wants a cold mess in their diaper? I normally do between 6 to 20 or so regular size. Don’t soak the last one, by having the last one dry, you have better control keeping everything “in” till it’s time to let go. You’ll be in for a fantastic experience!




Ooo the bowl of hot water is a good tip, talisman! For a punishment spin on things I like to put them in the freezer first ;)

I have never heard of using bananas, but personal experience with marshmallows says if you want almost zero control, go with the sweets. I use them right out of the bag, but use a bit of vaseline on the entry area to make it easier going in. Getting them colder will definitely delay the reaction time, but I would not freeze them! That is some sensitive tissue in there.