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Any CANADIAN Diaper girls and guys here?

I'm from Toronto, Ontario....and you are from.........?

We'll...if you must know...I'm from Prince George. 


Canadian here! From northern Alberta! Brrrr!

I am in the London area, to be exact Strathroy, which is between London and Sarnia.


Yep I am from Canada :d From Vancouver Island BC 

Just moved to Vancouver :)

Hey! From the maritimes, Fredericton to be more specific

Im from montreal canada im a baby boy and sometime a baby girl ????

I just moved to Kitchener a little while ago, so I'm in the area and would love to chat with some others. Just got here from out west.

South east interior BC

Hamilton Ontario

from Wisconsin here


from Wisconsin here

 Who knew Wisconsin was in Canada?

Toronto Ontario here

From quebec in canada ????

Nanaimo,  BC  here.

Albertan baby boy here :) 

Nova Scotia! 

Hamilton Ontario