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Who is in chastity and how do you know what size to get

I've got the same question, about size. I've always wanted one but I'm afraid it'll be too small (not to be that guy)

You need to measure tight to your body behind your balls and dick. That will give you the ring size you need.

The tube size is optional but short will keep you from getting hard and ease any pain

So even if the tube part is pretty small and you're not, it wont hurt?

No, its even better and will not hurt.

I have 3 for sale 

Nice. I'm a little strapped for cash right now but I feel better about getting one in the future. It's been a big fantasy of mine for a long time now.

SissyJeff is right about how to measure, and that a snug fitting cage will spare you from issues like pinching, chafing, and will help to restrict hard ons. Is there any specific style of cage that you're drawn most to?