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Daddy looking for little (M or F) Georgia

hello whoever looks at this!

I'm a daddy/caregiver from and in Georgia

I'm 6'5 and can pick up most people if they're under about 190ish

I'd love to meet someone here that wants to be diapered and cuddled till they fall asleep in my arms, someone not scared to use their diapeys because they know that i'll clean them right up, someone that wants to be held and feed with a bottle while they snuggle me and lay on my chest.

i'm open to male and female, but nobody older then 50 or so (sorry, just kinda as old as my parents and that messes with me)

I'm open to all kinds of kink, so don't be scared to tell me what you'd like to try, worst i'll ever do is say no.

Anyways my kik is Zack_DH, feel free to message me there!

Oh, also, drawbacks, I'm a college student so sorta busy mondays to thursdays, no job and spent all my money on tuition, so i couldn't supply any supplies (bad wordplay?), and i live with my parents so can't host either. All i can offer anybody interested in me, if they can come to me, have their own supplies, and a place for us to be together, is my love, care, and that i can help you live any abdl fantasies you've been dreaming of (to cheesy?). Anyways yeah, sorry for the inconvenience of that, just thought i should put it out there. I'm comfortable with messy or wet diapers, i'm in love with snuggling and holding my baby on my lap, i'd love to try to sissy someone (is that the word for it?). Basically just saying i'm comfortable with any fantasy you might have and i'd love to do anything to make you the happiest person, within the limitations i said.