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Dayton/Cincy/Columbus AB’s?

where are all the Dayton/ Cincinnati / Columbus AB’s, Mommy’s and Daddy’s?

Give a shout out on this post. Maybe we can schedule an outing this summer... thoughts?

Real Daddy here in Columbus

Would love to be your baby sometime

Are there no other AB/DLs in the Dayton/Concy/CBus area?

Gay DL here in Columbus

New to the site in Columbus here.

Awesome, we should have an outing in CBus for all of us

I'm in Cincinnati and I'd be down for a meet up

Me too, we need an Ohio ABDL meet-up!

A little late on this forum but gay DL in Cincy here

I’m an ab looking for a daddy 

Kik: Christmasbellsring 

I'm right outside of Columbus!

Columbus dl here

Dayton area here ...