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Diaper Dude Seeking Pampered Princess

I'm looking for a diapergirl in the SF Bay Area. Someone sweet, adorable, and affectionate. Loves wearing diapers, watching cartoons, playing with toys, enjoys video games and simply wants to live those endearing memories of being a toddler. Ive committed myself to this lifestyle by constructing my own nursery and play area, to fully create this endearing fantasy. All that's missing, is you ;) I even role reverse so I can either be your baby playmate or your loving daddy. Huge plus if youre into geek culture like video games, cartoons, music and sci-fi.

If interested, please reply or contact me on KIK: isidetape

are you looking for a mommy at all? id like to be your friend as well

Don't believe her, she won't talk to you at all. She was on my friend list and I just deleted her after no response from the two messages sent.