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DiaperMates Chat Room - Seriously?

Regarding the DiaperMates' Chat Room:

I only speak to those who can hold an intelligent conversation other than nappies/diapers or AB stuff.

I have perhaps 3 or 4 people who I chat with from day-to-day and they treat me as a person with respect and vice-versa.

There are many SICK people on this site and they should be investigated by Admin.

More so when they ask me advice on:

"How should I treat my teenage daughter who I caught wearing nappies?"


"I make my 4-year-old wear nappies like I do"

Seriously! That's fucking gross and it's on the borderline of paedophilia!

Many people on this site chat only to have a quick jerk off. And NOT to socialise. 

Members message me asking:

"Are you nappied baby?"

"What panties are you wearing?" 

"Do you want Daddy to play with your pussy?"

"Move to America and live with me?"

"Go on Skype I want to watch you shit yourself!" etc.

There are so many DUMB people on this site that they can't tell the simple difference between Reality and Fantasy.

I just simply BLOCK anyone who tries it on with me.

Admin needs to crack down on the fake members and FAST!

yea good luck on this, i was on a similar crusade myself a few months ago. the admin doesn't care in all honesty

I maintain two websites myself that are similar to DiaperMates so I can understand how overwhelming it is when people ask you to determine what is right and what is wrong behavior. A lot of these people do come off as crude, but a lot of them are also talking happily together about these exact same topics. They are rude to be prompting you so boldy, assuming that you also want a quick relief session here, but they aren't reporting each other when they find one another who has mutual interest in the same conversational goal.

I think it's perverted and completely wrong to discuss biological children and I do feel like that is a line that should not be allowed to cross, but, again, if those statements are not reported in the moment then it's hard to figure out who said what what and when without it simply coming down to she-said, he-said fights. The admin isn't a mind-reader and doesn't have all day to sit in the chat, waiting for someone to say something vulgar.

I do click "report" and also "block" when these things are said to me. Sometimes they are said in a confusing way though. Perhaps I think too purely of people. A couple of months back a woman from the UK had an hour long conversation with me before I realized that she was looking for sexual gratification through hopes of me telling her what to do with her child and accepting what her claims were about her child being forced back into nappies as well out of her convenience versus medical need. When I scolded her and told her that her fantasies were not of the ABDL community (forcing a child to do something for your own sexual gratification is NOT okay; the "A" in "ABDL" is ADULT and NOT fantasies-of-biological-children) and that she should be ashamed of herself for trying to lead people into such a horrendous topic then she just went quiet. Did I expect the admin to read an hour long chat log though to decipher what was going on? No.

I've also emailed the admin personally about a child predator I genuinely found and reported to the authorities. The admin responded promptly and in a manner that was extremely acceptable. I won't discuss it further though due to the nature of the situation. The admin obviously cared though.

It's also immensely difficult to find a good moderator, much less a handful, that are willing to help out for free, consistently, and through very unpleasant situations where they have to take a lot of unhappy finger-pointing. Oddly enough, a lot of people who want to become moderators through one of my communities often have no clue what any of this is about and are simply wanting to do it so that they become "known". Right now I have a site that's just about to hit 3 years old and I only really have two very good, consistent, reliable moderators that are worth double their weights in gold to me. I've gone through...oh, probably close to 15 or 20 moderators at this point and denied just as many applicants who just didn't "get it". Good help is sincerely hard to find.

I like DiaperMates a lot though. I don't particularly care for admins/mods who choose to heavily monitor their private chat goingons, you know? 

All in all, I too like DiaperMates. But, I do wish we could get Baby Bauk out of bed!

what other sites? I may want to join

Hi my name is tommie.