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Dose any one wear molicare maxi slip diapers I wear molicare maxi slip diapers for medical where do you buy your diapers from what kind of diapers do you like to wear

I love wearing the thickest diapers I can find, makes me feel so submissive and babyfied.  I wear Abu and Rearz.

I love to wear terry nappies they are very thick and give a nice bulk between my legs and make me feel very babyish. I wear plastic baby pants over my nappies 

Sissybabysamantha, I am with you! I love to poofyness of plastic baby panties and the crinkle and crunchy.

If I wear disposables I wear mostly Rearz Pink Princess of Abena Form X-Plus original with plastic outer layer.


From Long Island in New York. Attends plastic tape tab disposable diapers are a perfect fit on me. They are fairly comfortable and work real well day to day for me.

I pick them up at a local Pharmacy about 20 minutes away.