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Embarrassing accidents?

Who here has had real public wetting accidents? Or those who are into humilation what have u done in public that was embarrassing? Being incontinent my worst accident was when I wet myself in chemistry class in middle school, I had to wait in the nurses office for my mom to bring me fresh pants :/

I had an accident in middle school getting of the bus. Placed one foot on the ground when all of a sudden I had a bad case of the dirty squirts. In a panic tried to hobble to the boys room as gravy filled my pants, ran down my legs, an made each step squishy. Was too humiliated to go to the nurse's office so spent the whole day going from class to class being soiled. Sat in the back of one classroom as two of my friends made sniffing noises. Was humiliating bu also titillating as well. Was not long before I used to wonder into the woods to mess my pants on purpose. Dirty dirty boy.

Until I bought better diapers, I was having very embarassing leaks. Depends are garbage and only good for the occasional squirt type incintinence. I don't want this to sound like a commercial for Abena but until I started wearing them, I was in constant feat of leaking unless I could change right away which usually was impossible. 

One day at work I had put on my button strap pad on inside out and when I had a pee accident while sitting at my desk I felt my butt getting wet. Fortunately I was wearing dark pants and got to the bathroom and figured out what had happened. I was able to get back to my desk without anyone knowing, or at least nothing was said. I did it one other time but was standing and had pee running down my leg and into my shoes, but was able to stop it before it was noticeable. 

I was in a meeting when a messed my underpants a bit, it was very awkward as I sadly can't wear diapers.  The embarrassment and humiliation excited me a lot so I ride a huge dildo as much as possible, it won't be long before I am a fully transformed sissy baby, this is my goal!

I have urge incontinence and when I need to go I have to find a toilet quickly. I have learned to plan things and wear a nappy and plastic pants when travelling in the car. But once I got taken short coming home on a London tube train and had no protection.

By the time I arrived at my station I was in agony and leaking. As I stood up to get out I lost the battle and wet my white cotton underpants and grey trousers and made a puddle on the floor. There were about half a dozen people near me and I know they knew what I had done.

It was dark outside the station so that was okay but I had a very damp and cold walk home.

Only when I am in the middle of a diaper change or at the doctors office and  the doctor opens my diaper.  He usually winds up needing a towel and winds up changing my diaper.


I suppose my most embarassing had to be when I was at college and wore. 


I hadn't peed all day and was bursting but was still getting into the habit of getting comfortable in public, eventually it just started streaming out but came out with such feirce force uncontrollably that it caused an obvious hissing sound in the silence of the room we were in. 

A couple of "aquaintences" did look at me but never said anything as I looked away pretending to be oblivious. 

There has been a few others but notning too obvious. 

My friends tell me they can hear me do pee pee in my diaper while I am sleeping.