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How many woke up wet this morning? My cloth diaper is soaked.

Woke up soaked in a Bambino Bellissimo.

I wake up every morning soaked in my Molicare Super diapers with a Tranquility booster under a pair of terry cotton training pants and a pair of white high waist rubber pants.

I soaked my cloth. And tthen some...should of used a

I woke up wet and messy this morning, it felt so good I really didn't want to get changed!


I soaked my cloth. And tthen some...should of used a

?I would say yes I wear boosters in my diapers a long Tranquility and in my pull ups a Poise long booster they work well and can wet more before leaking, good luck

Wet every morning in my pull-up cloth diapers and waterproof pants

Just wanna say i like this new feature, hope it stays busy.


I woke up without a diaper today, felt confident enough to only use a bed pad for any slight leaks. Flooded the bed instead, had to clean it up and go for a shower.

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I always wake up wet every morning.

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Wake up every morning wet usually go to bed wet


Hi I wake up every morning wet. I put on two terry nappies and plastic baby pants it is a lovely feeling to wake up in  soaked nappies 

I always wake up with a wet diaper