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Funny conversation out of nowhere

From Louie55, on this lovely PM platform here *eyeroll*

L: hello

Me: hi

L: how old are you

M: over 18 under 50

L: ok I am a mentor and daddy that teach real life lessons

M: ok. and hows tat going for you?

L: good people take things from it

M: What do you teach?

L: real life lessons

M: Such as? I mean, you DO have examples, yes?

L: what is the most important thing in life

M: Are we talking about finances? How to do taxes, as well as how to file? Exemptions? Basic car care?

L: it believing in yourself

M: I can get those lessons from Mr. Rogers honestly. Anything else? You are not making a great case for yourself here, I will be honest

L: bye

M: Don't give up! No one likes a quitter! How can you teach if you just give up at the first sign of adversity?

L: I don't like your attitude bye

M: Why? Is it because I am not bowing down to your domly daddyness? Oh forgive me for seeing greatness *eyeroll* Out of curiosity, did you read my profile? See any part where it says, "I NEED A LIFE COACH DADDY!!"?

L: get the belt now

M: Well I do need a new belt for my engine. How did you know? Did you want to bring your own tools to teach me or should I use my own? I got a few wrenches. Can you teach me how to change the oil?

L: seriously grow up dumbass

M: Says the "daddy" that tries to chat up someone with "life lessons". From one man to another, you are doing it all wrong. Have fun with that free lesson. Oh! Just so you know, I am going to put this convo up on the forums here. Give everyone a laugh and smile. Feel free to chime in when I do :)

L: send me one more you will get block

M: Oh no! Not the block! Please daddy person don't do tha...hahahahahah...lolololol. Oh I'm sorry but that was quite funny!

L: bye

M: That is like the 5th time you said bye. Are you going to leave now?

L: seriously wtf is your problem

M: I just want to know what lessons you are teaching?! Why is that hard for you to answer?!?

L: I already you

M: You already me what?

L: I teach real life lessons are that stupid

M: You teach stupid life lessons?

L: n0 on how better yourself

M: Can you teach yourself how to grammar, syntax and punctuation? Because your fragmented sentence structure is quite uncouth.

L: block bye



Seriously, thanks for the laugh my guy. :)

Give yourself some life lessons before trying to teach others.

I have dealt with this guy many times, under many different user names. I just ignore the messages now :P

Here is our favorite troll:

After viewing Brian's profile on Facebook, it appears that he has a form of High Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome. Brian is driven to spread his message despite the amount of rejection he receives from most of us. His intentions are very positive, do believe he deserves our compassion and understanding now that we know more about who Brian is. In all these months we have not driven him away, Brian only wants to share what he believes he has learned with us. 

Positive intentions? Such as pressing for me to send pictures of my underage siblings under the guise of "life lessons?" Got it

Brian you and no one else ever mentioned that. Has anyone else had the same experience with Brian Maloney? How many times has it happened?

He wrote me also few times. Absolutely WTF conversation with him first time.. :D  Such people really make me feel that whole abdl community sucks, to be honest :-/

I've had my run ins with him too. I don't need real life lessons.