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Funny story

so a few months ago I was working in Washington state it was Landry day and only had a pair of old school basket ball shorts which did not hide my diaper in the least bit but I didn't care I was in a new city where no one knew me I caught a 30 min bus ride to the laundry mat I had just paid my fair when I felt my diaper begin to fill It was just a light wetting that is until I sat down and flooded my diaper I got up and notice the waist of my diaper was sticking out over my shirt I got of the bus and didn't think anyone had noticed after getting off the bus that my wet diaper was bulging out of my shorts it couldn't be more obvious I was wearing a soggy diaper I was hoping to rush in a bathroom and change but they had no bathroom when I got there so I sat there for a hour and a half with my wet diaper totally exposed it was the first time in public where everyone knew I was diapered it was a really strange feeling I felt so exposed I wear diapers in public everyday and never have been called on it however this was the first and only time as I was leaving the landrymat a guy walking behind me snickered and said u might need a new diaper I just blushed and was like oh yea I know walk-in to the bus stop kept humming fuck it I'm a baby who cares lalala do distract the embarrassment I made it back to my apartment threw off my shorts and laid in bed sucked on my paci and almost cried It was potentially the most embarssing day of my life I fell asleep still wearing the soggy diaper that made me feel 2 years old. After that I never attempted to conceal my diapers the rest of the trip. Just thought I'd share that experience

Aww my poor baby

Dat's da spirit wittle buddy. Waddle wiff pride!

Me stopped in a mall today cause didn't have my didees an had to make poopoo real bad. Made a beeline fu da family changing room but got cut short on da escalator when a big booboo pushed into my underpants. Tried to relax, it was right around da corner den gravy started fillin everything was wearing including my thermals an jeans. Locked dat bolt on da door but before me yanked it all down my bumbum  started squirting again. 

Whats a mess everywhere. Did my best to clean myself first by lifting da seat an washing everything. Did my best but had to trash my underpants an thermals, me was tinkie. My face mus been really red waddling to an sneaking out of the family changin room. 

Was suckin on my NUK 5 binkie all da way home.