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Had another weird one in the chat today.

It went something along the lines of. 


Them: Hello

Me: hello? 

Them: Im a real life daddy wanting to preach life lessons. 

At this point I thought this sounds veryyyyyy familiar, as a few months back a bloke was going around doing the same, so I politely explained I was not interested in his life lessons as beleive it or not on his end we actually have had this conversation before, as have many others, remembering the post a while back just before christmas. So I tried to politely explain that while many if us agreed that your intention may be innocent in intention, the purpose of the chat is to make friends with like minded people or get to know them a little better, what yu are doing is just forcing some messages that most of us already know about love and kindness and whatever other messages you have. 


I then told him thanks but no thanks. 

Them: Ended up saying, something like don’t be so fu***ing judgemental you such and such or something along those lines. 


???? I politely told him that as a matter of fact I was not being judgemental but was simply stating a matter of fact, and the fact his conversations created some comcern on here before christmas, But since you have just been rude to me for stating what is a pretty well known fact on this website I will be reporting it as spam because this is the second time, and the answer is the same as the first tiem (under a different name) I recall reading it in here in the forum box. An adult baby and diaper site that to chat and relate to on that level seems strange and this guy has been doing the same thing for months despite many of us explaining this to him. 

Anyways it may be that he is genuine in love and stuff, and he may possibly have some learning difficulties, but it does frustrate me just a little when its taken twice, and from what little I do know he never says anything else after those messages. Nothing related to the scene, his own interests etc, just pops up with a I teach lessons, a profile you can not see, and gets offended and hurls insults when you point it out, and it doesn’t make it right. I wont be made to feel horrible for telling the truth. 


I did however report it in the end and just blocked him but I am fairly sure he will find  a way to create another account down the line when enough people report the guy for the same thing again. 


I know this is not just me, its been bugging a few people tbh. 


Yep, he already created a new account. He's Briandog111. Give it a few days and he'll be something else. This seems to be his little routine, which includes never having an active profile. I wish there was a way that until someone has an active/approved profile, they cannot have access to chat. 

I like that idea too, and I could not recall his past user name, I blocked and reported it this time, it just seems a strange way to approach people in my opinion and then made to feel horrible while he yells abuse at you for telling him straight. 


His actual name is Brian Maloney, Jessica posted a link to his facebook page in the thread: 'Funny conservation out of nowhere.' Brian does appear to have Asperger Syndrome (high functioning Autism). At one period he seemed to be changing his profile daily after we started posting is new profile name on shout out. Seems harmless enough, only approached me once, became annoyed when I told him at 63 I didn't need further life lessons. One member did complain that he asked him for images of his underage sisters. Only time I have heard about those type of comments about Brian. 

Shit like this goes round in circles...hell, I even created my own DM Thread about my experiences on DM Chat.

He simply messaged me "Help" on his BrianDog account, then blocked me. I was like "Okay then...".

I spoke to him briefly. I blocked him for a lot longer than I spoke to him.

Haven't talked to the guy in this post, but having just signed up for this site today, I already had someone chat me asking:

'Do you know any ssbbw women?'

Dafuq? I'm on here to meet people, not hook you up with friends of mine.  What kind of opener is that?

Update,: that dude talking about life lessons just tried to talk to me. Asking me what's most important in life. I love great conversation, but diving head first into life goals and philosophical questions is a bit much.

had a weird chat with same guy. guess he has some serious mental problems. i hope he is under observation and getting the help he needs. and he is not the only one i've noticed here with mental problems. oh well... 

That guy has spoken to me before too, he has problems.

Yep,he tries speaking to me all the time, becomes quite annoying actually. .

I don't waste my time speaking with these pond life.

I block almost anyone who are either; perverts, write like a retard (cringe!), live far away, don't have anything in common with or who I just don't like!

If they keep messaging you or some bullshit?

Block them and Report these brainless twats to Admin.

Yup!   I got the same thing,  wanting to teach my life lessons,  then the person switched to asking me whats the most important thing in life.   I said having FUN!    He didn't like my bratty attitude

He gave me the speech about teaching life lessons and asked if I understood. I replied that I was only on the site looking for men to be friends with, and he replied 'OK.' He never wrote back again. Apparently he is easy to frighten off.

I believe he's back as Bdog111.

Yes, He chated me(briefly) too as Bdog111 or something like that..luckily, it was short..interesting..

I had this guy a couple times also. I politely refused his lessons and then he got rude with me. I told him to peddle his wares elsewhere and he said I hurt his feelings. I then explained my first name was bastard and he should get a clue.

i had some some dude tell me he is a life coach. I pretty much ignored him. I don't need advice if life.