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Hello from Vermont

Vermont has a few AB/DLs but either they are very elusive or they're very pushy.

Part of the reason I hold out hope for meeting another diaper lover is that knowing what someone is into from the get go is one percent if the hard work done. And while I don't engage in scat or pee play, I do like having someone know I'm wearing and I like the idea of someone on hand to maybe change me once in a while.

I'm also at a point in my life where casual flings don't have the same appeal anymore. I recently tested negative for any kind of diseases, so I'd like to at least find someone who is on the same page in that respect.

Major turn offs for me are ignorance, bigotry, emotional, physical, or psychological abuse. No drugs, no smoking or heavy drinking. And mostly I just want to meet someone who understands that respect is a two way street. I don't mind a little teasing now and again but it can go too far. 

I'm not sure what else to say here except hello and how are you?