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Hello, male DL from New York City, QNS.

Im looking for female DL or even AB (i am open to exploring the ab side as well) within the tri-state area but no matter how hard I look I’m always coming up short unfortunately.. is it really that rare of a thing to find a DL of the opposite sex? I’ve already made plenty male ABDL friends but have only ever found 1 female that I became friends with and explored a little bit with before she moved on in her life ... is anyone else going thru the same trouble ? It’s so frustrating honestly. But I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet . I know she’s out there somewhere 

Dont give up hope there are abdl girls out there near you is more difficult. I wish i was closer to you but im in the albany area of new york state.

I appreciate the words of encouragement for sure thank you for that 

Have you tried checking the member location map? By the way wondering how the abri-San pads worked out for you?