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Hi everyone

Hi all. I am new here so thought I would say hi. I live in Plymouth (UK) and am a DL with a little AB tendency. My wife is my mummy and likes to put nappies on me and change me (wet only). She supports me so much and understands the whole ABDL thing. She is now looking at places with adult changing facilities to do outside nappy changing (disabled toilets for example).

I actually have no friends but don't read social queues very well. I find making friends online is better as you can get to know someone easier rather yhan feeling awkeard right away.

I would like to make friends, I am not looking for a mummy or daddy as my mummy/wife is perfect in every way. However, looking for friends. Please feel free to message me, no matter where in the world you are.


Hi sweetie! How lovely that you have a caring Mummy in your wife, you're a lucky little one. What kind of baby outings do you and your mommy enjoy going on? Hope to chat soon!

Nice to meet you sweetie, am so glad that your Mommy is good at taking care of you. I am trying to make new friends also, I like chating with new friends. Send me a message and lets chat.