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I am an adult baby - manifesto


I am an adult baby.


I am more of a possession than a person and have no rights except as my mommy gives me.


I am owned by my mommy for the sole purpose of her pleasure and entertainment and the pleasure and entertainment of her friends.


Mommy provides everything that I need and I give every part of me to my mommy to use as she pleases.  The center of my universe and being is my mommy.


My Mommy sets all the rules and I am always to obey my mommy.


I am not allowed to speak other than what my mommy allows.  I am to call my mommy ma ma and her friends na na, da da and ba ba.   My mommy will instruct me on any additional words to be added to my vocabulary.


Clothing is optional and diapers are mandatory.  I am to wear diapers to signify my status as her baby at all times unless otherwise instructed.


I am not to stand or walk; at best, I can crawl or move at my mommy’s direction.


My mommy will ensure that I am fed and cared for appropriately and I will gladly accept whatever she gives me.


I give up my life and independence entirely to my mommy for her use and pleasure and freely give up all rights for her to use me as an object of her care, training and desire.


I declare these things today to my mommy and owner, as her adult baby and possession.


Well, we can all have our manifestos as Adult Babies, but in reality we are adults. We have adult responsibilities, and adult needs.