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Looking for Female DL in North Carolina

Hey everyone.  I'm finding that it's pretty difficult to find other ABDL's around North Carolina, specifically around the Charlotte region...which is a bit odd considering how major/large of a city is I thought I'd throw this out there to see if there's anyone out there that might want to talk and maybe just see where things go.  I don't mean to offend any guys that might want to talk but I'm only really searching for a female DL out there and it's still really difficult for me to talk about this fetish with other guys, even if they are fellow DLs.  There doesn't seem to be any other legitimate dating sites that could be used to search for ABDL's in my specific area and other DL's seem to be a rarity on this site...

I know I'm kind of searching for a needle in a haystack here...I'm just so tired of diapers being an issue at some point in just about any relationship I've had or having to suppress/hide it from whoever I date...and I'm probably one of a million guys thinking the same thing....but it doesn't hurt to just throw this out there rather than just giving up...

I know that girls on this site are probably bombarded by messages from guys so you don't really need to respond to this if you want to talk just send me a message if you're interested.  

Also, if anyone knows of any ongoing ABDL meet-ups in the Charlotte area or has any pointers with meeting someone in my area I'm all ears.  I should probably add a profile picture but I'm a little concerned with privacy on this site.


I'm about 2 hours away from Charlotte