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Looking for Mommy’s, Daddy’s and Lil Ones in Ohio

seems like there aren’t to many in the ABDL lifestyle in Ohio. Disappointing really :-(

I live in Maryland and am experiencing the same thing. It's sad and frustrating. I have been looking for a mommy for over 4 years. I still haven't found one in my area.

Agreed, and not much happens on this site

What I don't understand is that there are so many websites that make and sell abdl diapers, but yet I can't find anyone to meet. Considering the high demand for abdl products, you would think it would be easier to find people into abdl.

I'm from Michigan maybe we could meet up sometime


I'm a 22 year old little in Cincinnati. Maybe we could meet up

26 female Xenia Ohio ab 

40 year old ABDL, From western NY, not to far from OH