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Looking for a baby

Mommy is so alone :( I am suffering from empty nest syndrome. All my babies are away at college. I need to find me a new little baby boy to play with. 

I do require a 1.00 a minute donation for my time as a mommy. 


add me as a friend so we can play

Have you ever noticed that all these "Phone-a-Mommies" are blondes?

Can u diaper me in real life. I never had a diaper on me will u help

Jessica m

Hello Mommy!

Hello mommy 

Hi I'm baby freddy and I live in davison mich and I am an ABDL IN diapers and plastic pants and ruffled rhumba panties and bonnets and sissy baby and i,d love to b ur baby anytime you want me to,,

Submissive and passive clean shaven no body hair..


i am sick and tired of all the pay mommies arn't there any real people that enjoy this lifestyle without having to have money exchanged.  If I have to hire a mommy its just a different form of prostitution dont you think?

lets dieper each other up

Pay for play lying bullshit. Told you the ABDL mummy ( or not trans or into only females) is a myth. Maybe pay for plays our only option. Sigh...

Course thats even assuming they're actually into diapers to begin with, which I very much doubt....