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Looking for friends in the Space Coast Area..

Looking for friends in the Space Coast Area,DL or AB ,to hangout or talk,I'm in Melbourne but like meet anyone in our Area..

hi you might remember me its baby stevie in cocoa canwe meetand play i love wearing my plastic pants doyou like them we might rub baby lotionon our bottoms i likey=my temp taken inandout and my peepee milked of cummy milk butup to you wecan go very slow let meknow steve 3217049414

I am also in the area.  I would love to make some new friends.  Have a playdate (I mean this literally as a playdate, not a sexual innuendo), or go see a movie.  I identify as 2-3y male, but I can play house or whatever.  I also love going to see kid movies and going to Disney.  I am an annual pass holder, and I and my wife take full advantage.