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Mommy or DL women in Rochester, NY?

Hello all!! Im rather new to this site,  but not to the ABDL world.  Im hoping to find some local mommies and/or diaper women in my area. So if you are in or around rochester, NY and interested. Feel free to DM me!! :) 

99.8 percent of "mommies" on this site are just lying scammers. The other 1 percent tend to be only looking for "little girls" for reasons I don't get, the final 1 percent are "pay for play" fakers that aren;t real abdl mothers at all, they just see it as business.  :(

I pretty much agree with Daniel's assessment of online "Mommies", but I don't agree with his Math. Maybe they do things a little differently over in Australia, but if you're working in percents, they can only total up to 100. Right, Mate?

I'm sorry If I ever offended you. Really I am

Maybe, here in "Australia", we like to see women, actual women, in messy diapers. Right now, and always.   

Anyway, sorry ABDL boy. I guess my stats might be off, but the points are still there. Pretty much all scammers here. I hear pay-for-plays pretty good though, just try not to form an emotional attachment cause I am assuming the "mommies" are actually repelled by it all, and just see its as a good way to make some hundreds