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Ohio anyone

looking for playmates and babysitters in or near Ohio

I live in ohio

Clevleand here

Dayton here if interested

Live just west of warren ohio, east of Ravenna



Im in Portsmouth 

Westside of Cleveland here

Toledo ohio here

Trenton Ohio here

Anyone from the Dayton/Cincy/CBus area want to play real time?

Northwest area! Bryan

I'm from the Dayton area! :D

Nice, we should chat

I am an adult baby who is up for ADOPTION and is looking for a mommy/mom/mother type figure girlfriend for a long term relationship and then maybe marriage.

About me. I'm a very caring and loving person(adult baby care bear). I'm caring and loving and cuddly. I can be an adult when i need to be. I love care bears. I'm 27. I am looking for a mommy/mother figure girlfriend to be with me and take care of me as if i were her own. I never had that mommy/baby bond (breastfeeding). I would love to be breastfed its so nice and nurturing to me. Preferably a mommy who is 20 to 35. I love to sleep in my crib all the time. I like to wear diapers and sleep in them, some how i got into diapers and now i like them, but i don't go in them i just like the feel and sound they make. I like to go fishing, boating go to the movies once and a while. I like bowling. I have been feeling like a baby my whole life. I like to listen to rock and Taylor Swift and lullaby music. I'm not looking for sex, but that will be up to you. I do not have any sexual diseases. If this is something that you would be interested in let me know. I live in Newark ohio. 

i live in vickery ohio, always up for making friends 

well i now currently live in warren, border of niles quite literally just a 10min walk into niles. please tell me someone is near by, this city sucks so hard

I've been there ????

I've been there ????

it's one thing to live there, it's a complete different story when you have only been there. this was more or less looking for people local in ohio, not people who have been to ohio

dayton is very far and not local to me, i'm only seeking local

cool   i'm in bay village, near Cleveland, Ohio......looking for local ladies cool

Sorry diaperedDemi ... I was just commenting that I knew where you were at. I'm a Daddy) Caregiver for biological girls only... didn't mean to imply anything by my comment.

And I've lived in Ohio for longer than you've been alive, so not a stranger to this beautiful state ;-)

I noticed my emojis got changed to question marks, so sorry for any confusion. No disrespect intended.


dayton is very far and not local to me, i'm only seeking local apologies