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There's a line? I thought with punishments anything goes cause mommy is in charge hehe.... in all seriousness tho, would be anything physically endangering or anything illegal.?

Otherwise mommy's rules are the rules!

a good diaper and dress punishment would be wonderful especially when I am bottle fed or breast fed after a good spanking

After a good bare bottom spanking , to be locked in a super thick diaper and locking plastic pants for a minimum of 24 hours , would seem adequate for a first infraction. ?After that is up to Mommy to dole out punishment as she sees fit.........


A good spanking or paddling nothing more serious than that then forced to wear nappies frilly baby pants and dresses. I have not tried it but might consider sex toys?

First a bath spanked then made to wear split Victorian bloomers bonnet gag . Lent over a pile of pillows then spanked until a warm got glow is achieved. ?Followed but a strap on being used . Then put to get that tucked in left to eat nappies for 24 hours

WHHHAAATTTTT? "punishment" that bad word! And cross a line ?? that make letter Tcool?

I love being punished

mommy knows best

provided it does no damage punishment is up to the mommy/daddy

as a daddy I prefer to deliver a long bare bottom spanking to naughty babies?

As long as it does no damage which mommy can't soothe. ?

I don't think punishment is appropriate for babies. I think it's better to take preventative measures and redirect attention toward safe things. Beyond that, being an Adult as part of being an Adult/Baby I know the difference between right and wrong so "punishment" is a no go. If the parent doesn't approve of something then they and baby should discuss their relationship boundaries.

I like having my bare bottom, if I am naughty.

I love all kinds of funishments long as I don't get hurt.