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Reaz Spoiled

Has anyone on here tried out the Rearz Spoiled disposable diapers? They're the ones with the multi-colored pairs of little feet all over them. I ordered the single tape version, in the large size. They come in two sizes: medium and large, and if you're my size (6' 1", 220 lbs.), you might find the large size a bit too short in length. They're nearly a bikini diaper when I'm wearing them. In comparison, the Bambino Teddy in extra large nearly comes up to my navel, and they're very comfortable to wear. As advertised, the Rearz Spoiled are super absorbent. I had two overnight wettings, and then two more morning releases, and they would have taken even more. 

I am going to have to try those. I like Rearz products in the first place........thank you for your thoughts on the Rearz Spoilerscool

"Wetting is such a lovely intimate pleasure"