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Secrets from spouse, partner, bf/gf?

So, I'm happily married with 2 children. However, my wife doesn't know about my abdl desires. I'm mostly a dl, and wearing around the house isn't an option. So I have to settle for wearing during day when at work or class when college is in session. I've dropped random hints on the subject to her, and I'm convinced she would not approve at all. Does anyone else have this kind of situation? I mean, I can deal with this just fine and be happy . I'm just wondering what others in a similar situation do or have done. I think what might help is finding a local friend who's into the same thing. ABDL isn't a sexual thing for me, I've been a dl since I was very young. As an adult though, feelings and desires begin to intermix, and while diapers still aren't primary a fetish/sex object for me, I could definitely integrate them, if only she were willing. If not, there's always the possibility of friends for innocent fun, flirtation or talk....But anyway, let me know what you think. 

I have raised a family and now have grandkids and have been a DL since the age of 11. I now can wear 24/7 do to medical reasons. I am sure my wife knows but we don' t discuss it. I have kept to myself except for the internet. Which has been a great out let for me and makes it better even though it is still my secret.

I,am also a diaper lover since the age of 8. Many years no attention to my feelings but the last 20 years it started again. I am heppely married and 3 children but absolutly no ab feelings. It is someting very personal. My wife has no feeling for diapers. I do not force her but now I wear every night and often in the evening and some days 24 hours. It is very comfortable to me and peeing is every time so good. So happy to that there is internet and discovered that I was realy not alone. I now fully accepted the feelings while it can not stop that. It gives me rest now. Also enjoy plasticpands especially snapons and disposables.

Hi I told my girlfriend I had a sweet fetish to share.I blindfolded her and diapered her.She was surprised but enjoyed it.She diapered me as well and the following intimacy was amazing.We have done this twice.She isn,t a dl

I came clean to my ex about 6 months into our marriage... It was awkward, to say the least. We tried out a few scenerios involving diapers in the bedroom, but she wasn't on the same page, and I could tell she wasn't into it. We stayed married for 4 years, and I decided to keep it to myself, although there were a few times she had brought it up, it wasn't worth it.

personally, i've had 4 relationships where they knew. three out of the 4 failed because of it, in other words they got rid of me. the fourth didn't work out because of other reasons not associated with this.

I have just been wetting the bed not alot and my pants l then told her I was wondering if she thought I should get something for wearing to bed now I'm diapered every night, bit haven't brought it up with sex.. so