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Bare hand. ?:")

Paddle, strap, belt, ?and bare hand

i noooooo i be good

first one then the other, right through the list, but ive been bad :(

bare hand

hair brush

wooden spoon


belt only if i was relay bad


rules ? nonooonoooooo rules mommy i no want rules

All of the above.


 wooden spoon

 hair brush


bear hand


Start with bare hand across bare bum, then the choice is yours. ..

I like to be spanked with the bare hand. If I have been naughty mummy spanks me with the paddle I don't like that much

Everything but the whip, I do not like whips....

Whatever mommy thinks is appropriate, although having to pick is a punishment itself.

All of the above! ^.^

barehand or spoon for me. :)

Appears that we have a fair amount of masochists on this site. Of course, an adult wearing diapers is a form of masochism all by itself. Unless it is for medical reasons, of course. 

Anything thing and everything. Barehand if I had to choose 

Baby JJ

Anything thing and everything. Barehand if I had to choose 

Baby JJ

Well all of the above bare hand first 

i think i like the idea of a whip


Bare hand for sure

all the above, bare hand last

if I had to be picking what to use for spanking hand only


Spank BigCryBaby??? Gots to catch me first Mommy! winkHa Ha Ha!!!

Bare hand first, then paddle

Bare bottom with wooden spoon till red

It really depends. If the scene is really rolling the sharp crack of the whip is extremely exciting to me! (when one knows how to use) But for a less intense situation, you can never go wrong with the caress of a flogger or a soft leather paddle, they are always enjoyable to me. I find all the various tools for impact play intriguing. As well as the use and range they all have in an experienced hand. I could go on all day about the topic lol. wink



if I were to be spanked it would be by a love careing mommy she would tell be why I was to be spanked then hug me bare my bottom hand spank till bottom was pink and I was crying pull my pants up all is forgiven and hug be to show me how much she loves me.

bare hand

A bare hand is the most traditional and what I'm most comfortable with.

Bare hand


Belt but only if i was a messy little :p

Paddle, belt, bare hand, flyswatter