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The communication from most people here is poor

Almost every profile on this site says they are looking for people to chat with, but of every 10 messages I send out, I seem to get a reply from 1 if I'm lucky.  I have met some great people who I have had awesome conversation with that has lasted years, but most people never reply, even if they initiate the conversation!  The other thing that grinds my gears is people who do reply to every message, but only ever with one sentence replies, so they expect you to do all the talking and carry the conversation - that's just boring (and rude).

Are people opening profiles then abandoning them or is this community just not great at communication?

Before you get angry with me and tell me that you always respond to messages - I'm obviously not talking about you, just the people who don't. 



I completely understand as I have the same issues in my fetish (where I"m lifestyle at). I don't really understand if it's a "young people" thing where that's just how they communicate with each other and we have different expectations. I find the people that communicate best with me are my age or older or have professional jobs (where they actually have to act like functioning adults and have experience doing so).  Perhaps the older people didn't grow up with social media so they can say more than "hey" and then... nothing... it's weird... it frustrates me to no end either *sigh*