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Want A Diaper Roomate?

Willing to travel to you to be your room mate if you would like company and someone as open minded as you are. We can be the best of friends and wear diapers day and night and cuddle watch disney movies and pick out onesies. If you would like this please leave a reply or kik me at diaperteen16 or simply send me an email at [email protected]

I’m actually looking for a roommate! Lol ?? I’m going to college in st.petersburg Florida right by the beach! ??

Shoot, where was I when I needed a roommate when I live there?


I need roommates to. I live in Montana so if you can you put up with the cold message me.

I need a roommate soon, it would be awesome if it was with someone else who wore diapers and would be willing to cuddle etc, I live in northeast texas by dallas.

I am looking for a renter/roommate in north central Texas. I have a good size house with lots of land. I have no problems with someone who likes to be padded :)

is anyone live in Columbus ga looking for a roommate

Anyone in London looking for one? Up for giving plenty of cuddles and obviously paying for my fair share :P