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Website Design

Does anyone here know how to design and build a website?

What sort of a website are you trying to create?

A forum? A social media site? A personal blog? An article base?

This matters immensely. What's your vision?

Other things you need to know before starting a site:

  • Are you up to speed on your country's laws regarding things like cookies, product sales, or about what material can be exchanged and the audience target you need to comply with on it with disclaimers? Do you know the approved wording for disclaimers you may need to present before content?
  • Do you already have material written and ready to launch? You should work on that long before you start putting up information.
  • Do you already have active social media following on multiple large platforms like Facebook and Twitter? If not, you definitely, definitely, definitely want to get on that. That has been one of my biggest pitfalls.
  • If you are selling goods then do you have a payment processor lined up? Do you have product ready to sell so that supply will meet demand? Have you tried using other resources for sales, like Etsy, first instead of competing through search engines and trying to build a consumer base from the ground up?
  • Do you have a domain name picked out? Is it available? Have you already purchased it? Do you know who you will want to host with? What type of server? What are the base requirements you need? If you're hosting 18+ content then does your host allow that?
  • Are you expecting to make money? If so, do you have advertisers lined up already or are you ready to lose money for the first 6+ months? (One of my sites is nearly 3 years old and has zero profit; although, it was never my goal for it to be financially profitable. I say this because you need to be aware that it does take effort to earn money from a site. You can't just throw one out and expect it to somehow magically generate revenue).
  • Have you scoured the internet to see if what you want to do has already been done? If so, can you actually do it better than what is pre-existing? If not, then why would you waste your time and effort on a copycat version of something already successful? What is so wrong with what currently exists that you feel you need to start it over? 

What is your budget? Do you have your bare basics covered yet?:

  • You will need to buy a domain name.
    • I would encourage you to pay the extra costs that apply to whois privacy options.
  • You will need to buy a reliable hosting plan. I can recommend a very good host that cares, has good prices, has cPanel options on shared servers, and will actually help you with backup restorations and such if your security plan fails.
  • You should buy a SSL certificate.
  • If you are buying premade code (probably your best bet if you're not already skilled) then the free options are usually less search-engine friendly. I would suggest you plan to invest in your code.

Feel free to private message me. I don't mind helping you get some things lined out through things I've discovered along the way. I'm in no way an expert but I know a little bit and I'm willing to share the information I've picked up thus far. The journey is rough at times though so be prepared if you want to own something that involves a user-base being active with one another (such as a forum, chat scripts, or social media platform).