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Wet Your Pants?

As I was driving to a local Walmart this morning, I happened to notice a billboard on the side of the road. It was demanding, "Wet Your Pants" in big block letters. Well, since I was wearing a diaper and plastic pants under my clothes at the time, wetting my pants was not possible (unless my diaper leaked). 

It happened to be a sign for a Splashtown type of place, with water related activities. None the less, it did put me in touch with my chosen fetish.

Awww how cute! I would love you to get you to fill your diaper all the way up until its leaking point, that way you could wet your pants and don't for get to leave your plastic pants off :)

I wet my pullup which I wear driving school bus, I leaked and upon getting out of the vehicle, walked real fast across the parking lot and hoped no one saw my wet pants, Now I wear plastic or rubber pants so I don't really wet my pants.laughing