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What Are You wanting out of mommy baby lifestlyle


both :)

love suckle milk into my mouth direct from the nipples nothing more makes me so happy and relaxing maila me [email protected]

I am a regressed boy here in New York. I am simple. Kept fed, dry, clean. That's it. I do wet, but not much when I do. Though, I wet a lot more frequently than when this all first started. Im a cool company, listener, just very dependent. Like to go out a lot to beaches and parks, more of an outdoors boy.

just a real mommy who is not a scammer and one who really wants a adultbaby who is a good person and minds

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Not sure, I'm a virgin and I don't know if I would give it to someone I just met

I think I would leave it up to my mommy to decide tbh

To be the full time baby girl 24/7. 

To be able to be there for someone as much as they are there for me. Friendship and connection, most of all. Someone who understands, accepts + supports me and allows me to give it all right back. A person who gives me a chance. 

I want my mummy to make me wear my nappies and baby pants and dresses and keep me as the sissy baby I want to be

Now answer me this.... You get a mommy and she does everything you want... Great! but what if she has fetishes that are different then abdl, are you open to giving her what she wants too even if it means you can't always be a baby?

@Tawny Absolutely! The relationship can only thrive and survive if its a 2-way street. 

not someone to take my money,lie to me, avoid me and keep telling me that I'm hers after she don't talk to me after the check clears until she needs to continue her story line(they all start off asking for an iTunes card....and builds off that.

In my experience i would say get ready for a lifetime of loneliness especially if you're a guy. Most so called females that are on here appear to be 90% scam artists. Be careful who you decide to communicate with. Ask the right questions and remember the answer they give you. Let a couple of days pass and ask the same question to see if the answer changed. I was scammed once, now I know what to look for. I have yet to find a female that is actually into this lifestyle. So in short, just be careful and don't expect too much.

Tawny and Mikerauer are correct

Hi, I'm looking for Mommy, I want her to force me to wear diapers, to be in chastity, to punish my penis and ass