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What do you collect?

Are you a hoarder of unique items?

I collect US Coins, Funko Pops in genres I like (Walking Dead, Bob's Burgers, etc) and Cabbage Patch Dolls (the "must have" toy when i was a kid.

I collect original PlayStation games. Need For Speed (SE (The very first title) III: Hot Pursuit & Porsche 2000), Oddword (Abe's Odyssey & Exodus), Crash Bandicoot (I-III), And other miscellaneous game such as Twisted Metal: World Tour, Road Rash (Original), Rampage World Tour, Driver (Original), Lifeforce Tenka & Tekken (III). I'm currently looking for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 & 4.

i collect technologies, piano keyboards, phones, game consoles. also plushies, mlp plushies, things of that nature 


I don't "Collect" per se...but I do have many history books that I love to read; English history, WW2 etc.

I also have my own collection of PS1 games :)

GTA, Die Hard, Crash Bandicoot, Worms etc. 

I did have my old PS2 games, but I've traded them in for they've been dusting away.



Department 56 Halloween buildings and accessories.  i put up a huge display that takes up most of the livingroom.  Been collecting it for years and have at least $10,000 or more in the buildings, many retired.  I have trains, I have lots of books but not much as far as collecting other things.

movies & tv shows (current count is 2768 dvds/blu-rays), wrestling dvds (over 1100), and Bicycle playing cards (about three dozen decks)

Optical goods. Two telescopes, one microscope, two binoculars, numerous cameras old and new. Can't seem to part with these possessions.

Fabric. Notebooks. Pens/pencils. Dog memes.

I'm not that interesting.


I am a collector of old toys. Like the original red wheel hot wheels, old pressed steel Tonka toys.

Gundams, the model kind. Giant space robots :D

I collect Starbucks coffee cups from all over the world. Also us coins.

Blankets with silk bindings especially cot / pram blankets but I like the full size ones as well

Plastic pants both adults and babies

What do I collect History, mostly faces that appeal to be in one form or another. Even though many of the objects whether on paper, pewter, plaster, or silver can go make hundreds of years that does not make them expensive. You just need to know where to look. As with most of you it's all in the hunt. For me to be able to add context to what ever it is gives it a pulse. History is not just names and dates, it's all about the best and the worst of us. 

I collect all sorts of things like Yugioh cards, guns, swords, knives, video games, U.S coins and currency, rocks, old tools, and Native American artifacts 

I use to collect bears from build a bear my wife and I would get one every time we would go on vacation  I continued to collect them after my wife past  I had 24 of them I ended up giving them away to a children's hospital when I moved 

I use to collect miniture teapots. I would love to start collecting again, at the momet I have no place to put them. What good is a collection if you cannot look at them, right? 

I collect antiques firearms, books and used condoms