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What kind of role play do u like?

Hey everyone just wanted to see kinda what ppl like, I personally am into consensual blackmail, being made to wear diapers or someone is gonna tell on me ;) what do u like ?

Love that one too very much. Love forcing someone into nappies. There are many variants in role play for this.


Definitely into the 'forced into diapers scenario'. Also, im not an AB, but I enjoy the humiliation of being teased like I am

Yes, forced is good. Maybe a bit of bondage, some very nasty play, Maybe the sissy baby getting raped. giggle


I Really Like both Roles, or just playing together..I guess if I had to choose, my favorite would be Submissive though..:)

Love all the ppl into role play :) thank u for sharing, please msg me if u wanna talk more on here

I've always been a fan of the babysitter rp. Something about being told what to do by a girl in charge who's been given the ok to enforce the rules.

hi i love be babyboy ho always fant an huge milky nipples always into my mouth nothing more makes me so HAPPY and RELAXING and BONDING

please mail me

if you are en SERIOUS lactating WOMAN

I like to be spanked for bed wetting then forced to wear nappies baby pants and to be dressed as a sissy baby