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What's Your Favorite Stuffie?

I've ordered a Teddy Bear from Amazon, and I'm anxious to receive it. Do you have a favorite stuffed animal? Have you given the toy a name? I'm looking for suggestions for a name for my bear. (Anything other than "Ted" or "Teddie", please)

I have several Teddy Bears but my favorite is Minky! I attacked a pic of him. He is about 3' long. I sleep with him always. IN fact I can not sleep with out im. We always take him when traveling.

Sometimes Minky had to be diapered to and once in a while I make him a diapered sissy baby. He is so cute in his dresses!





Hi there!! Stuffies are one of my favorite subjects. The one I posted is the one that I surprised my newest Aby with recently. He was so excited and has been sleeping with it every single night. He has given him a name, it's Harry. He thought it went well with Hippo, Harry the hippo :)

My favorite by far is my Hello Kitty plush bag, which I bring with me literally everywhere I go. It's perfect because I have a pragmatic reason to express my childishness no matter where I am. Believe it or not, most of the remarks I receive are compliments. I've only had a couple of people directly mock or condescend me.

I dont think I have a favorite right now. Maybe a dragon or a fox, right now i have a couple lions a big snake and a goat.  I dont normaly name them but one of my lions is really old and she had a vixen and a cub but they are gone now.  I cant really play with her any more but that is wjy I have a new lion he came with a name cuz he is from disney but i dont remeber what his name is right now.


My favorite stuffie is my bear, Hugo! I take him everywhere with me. He's a great cuddler.

I've given my newly purchased teddy bear a name, and it is Bruce. Bruce the Bear, he is. I'm planning a diaper vacation in December, and Bruce will be going with me.