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Who's all going to Capcon 2018?

This is my first time going & very excited!  I can't pack everything so I've got to figure out what I can bring.... sissy dresses, how many onsies, all the essentials of course... and how many diapers....!?

is there a website ? I would like to go but need more information

YUP site is already up at running from Thursday 22 Mar - Sunday 25 Mar 2018. Looks like ticket prices are running $120. Wanna go soooo bad!!!

Google site, the link I posted is not correct. Sorry

$120. Really? Are they paying for my airfare? Hotel, maybe? I can buy a whole bunch of diapers for $120.

Where is this held and when?   


Real Daddy will host sissy baby in her diapers, take her shopping for dresses and have a crib in our room so she can be bottle fed.  Under 35 only girls. I wlll cover expenses if she is girly shaped and wets her dresses.