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chatroom revamping

well never thought i'd see the day i would be saying this for the chatroom because normally it runs itself rather well, has for as long as i can remember being a member here, until recently. i have noticed a recent surge of really nasty members on this site and they are coming to the chatroom. some bring in politics, some bring in religion and others just like to devaluing people in general. the past few weeks i have been in chat i have gotten quite fed up with the chat. now i don't mind the occasional political joke or religious pun or even the occasional hater, they tend to get drowned out. however i recently just lost it with the chat. i have been getting into political arguments, religious debates and having what i say about my experience as trans devalued majorly. this has got to stop. i find myself getting sucked into these topics because admittedly yes, they deal with my day to day life, are very important to me and are easy triggers for me to go on a rant without realizing it. i come to my little space to get AWAY FROM THESE STRESSERS, not have them furthered triggered and that's what has been happening. i really hate to say this but i think it's time we stipulate moderators and admins for the chatroom. obviously this has became a rather large problem that isn't going to go away and i believe the admin is just to busy to do himself. i would be first to volunteer for a mod or admin rank, at least i know i can keep work separated from play unlike some people here if given proper authority to do so. devaluing, triggering, slander and hot topics should not be allowed or tolerated in the chat here and i am rather tired of nothing being done about it and not having the power to change this. this site is suppose to be a safe space for littles, not a firing range for adults!!!!!!!!

A while ago something different happened with the chat feature. It seemed a much better way to communicate but it wasnt ths same as the old one. Maybe that should come back? 


Sorry to hear your having this mate. 

Another big problem in the chat room is the number of scammers using it.

even though the scammers and catfishers are easy to spot i do agree they do get annoying after awhile. this site is really going downhill fast now a days