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plastic pants

does anyone like plastic pants on their own?. Love to get all wet and slippy in them. Looking for uk meet ups.

Only over a diaper for me. Plastic pants alone is a different type of fetish, IMO

Yes I like to put a lot of vaseline in them and get all slippery


plastic or real rubber pants when wet  yes love it


Sure, love the slippery feel, but enjoy them over a diaper also.

I wear my plastic pants on there own, over my undies or over my nappy. I love the feel of them

Yes I love them with or without diapers. That what I started with at age 10

I love to wear plastic pants on there own and love that wet slippy feeling it always gets me horny.

wearing plastic pants on their own is a real turn on for me. Anyone near derbyshire have the same turn on?

I like to put my abies in plastic pants, especially if they are a really heavy wetters, sometimes I have to use more than one pair! I like the idea of Vaseline, I can't wait to make them all slippery for my sweet little aby I know he'll love it! wink

Plastic pants is how I realized I loved this.  I was barely out of diapers when I found an old pair of my plastic diaper cover.  I got the biggest urge to put them on...   when I slid them up, I had the most intense pleasurable sensation ever.  After that moment diapers and plastic panties were and always have been a major,part of my life...   the feeling of wearing them keeps me locked in a constant state of arousal.

Love the feeling of rubber on my naked bum & some one rubbing &spanking my ass in them. I'm open to offers,lol..


Yes I like plastic pants on there own but much prefer them over my nappies and I love the rustle and crinkly noise they make