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uk meets

Does anyone actualy meet through here  or are you liveing in fantasy world 


Yes i meet up with another a few time a year, its a trust thing with a lot of people but iv'e been luck , we first met up in a AB nursery so the owner

was around to the look after things if it did not go to plan, we hit it of first time like old friends

I do wonder that Davey, I've not been on very long but would very much like to meet up with others, especially if there was a place to just wear nappies, but just a social gathering would be nice.


Aug 2017

I wouldn't mind meeting up with people :) although i won't lie ive not been very lucky. 

Although i have been on here only a short time i have been on another site for many years with loads of pics on it.but have never managed to get a meet mainly due to my 24/7 Caring duties for my Mum at home over the last 17y.

However i do feel that there is a cliche group mainly within a certain age group or withing differant fetish groups that live in there own type of circle which if you dont fall into that band for various resone just dont get a chance .

I'm luck i have met a couple of guys locally and meet one regularly in town. If it not to far away i'm interested in meeting others, I'm in West Yorkshire

Iv never had the opportunity to meet up and just wear and act like a baby and get feed by breast or bottle. Anyway I'd surely entertain the idea!